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Multifuel & Wood-burning Stoves


  • Town & Country Stoves
    Town and Country Fires

    A comprehensive range of Multi Fuel / Wood Burning stoves. We are approved installers of the full range of Town and Country Fires multifuel burning stoves. We have the Town and Country Welburn on live display and at most times of the year at least four other models on display. Town and Country offer a wide range of stoves and also have a full colour range if you are looking for something a little different to the standard black stoves. 

    Town and Country Fires of Yorkshire have been delivering high quality stoves at great prices. From their family-run business based in Pickering in North Yorkshire they specialise in multifuel and wood burning stoves which are economical and eco-friendly and are up to 84% efficient. They are experts within the industry which has led Town and Country Fires to develop and manufacture some of the best wood burning stoves and multifuel stoves worldwide. 
    Take the Little Thurlow stove for example, this effective wood burning stove has been developed to be used in smoke controlled areas and is exceptionally clean burning or the Town and Country popular inset range of stoves such as the Runswick Mk1 and MkII or the Rosedale Inset model which offer an alternative should you have a standard fireplace opening with a 400mm or 450mm fireback installed. 

  • Broseley Stoves
    Broseley Stoves

    A extensive range of Cast Iron multifuel, wood and electric stove units. We offer a range of Broseley stoves including the electric models. Broseley are a high quality cast iron stove unit and have also recently brought out the new Evolution range of highly efficient woodburning stoves. 

    From the popular DEFRA approved York Midi which is a 5Kw multifuel stove through to the Hercules range of boiler stoves with outputs in excess of 20Kw and the full electric range Broseley have a range of stoves to cater for every need. The new Evolution range have a stunning cast iron finish with some of the largest single glass doors available on the market for a stunning flame picture and also offering a very efficient way of burning wood and heating your home. 
    The electric stoves prove to be very poplar for conservatories or for fire openings where either the chimney has been condemned or there is no existing chimney to be used for use with a real fire stove unit. A stunning simulation of flame and a full thermostatically controlled electric heater all within the same cast iron body as the real fire stoves make the Broseley electric range a stunning alternative to a real fire stove. 

  • Burley Stoves
    Burley Stoves

    The most efficient range of wood stoves in the world. A range of the most efficient woodburning stoves in the world. The Burley range consists of a 3Kw, 4Kw, 5Kw, 8Kw and 12Kw stove units to suit most room sizes. They are the most efficient wood burning stove in the world offering upto 89% efficiency from burning of wood. 

    The design of the stove allows it to produce a stunning flame picture by introducing the air into the stove from different areas of the internal of the stove to move the fire around and create a stunning flame whilst also producing extremely high efficiency levels. 
    As the stoves are wood only the fire boxes are larger than most standard multifuel stoves. Burley are constantly improving their product range and also offer a multifuel grate for some of the models now and also an alternative black handle finish to the standard wooden one. 

  • Westfire Stoves
    Westfire Stoves

    Westfire are high quality contemporary range of stoves.We offer the full range of Westfire stoves units. Westfire are a high quality contemporary range of stoves. Some are freestanding and others such as the one series will compliment either a fireplace opening or not look out of place in a freestanding environment and are also available as the pedestal option. 

    We have the one series on display Series ONE family of multi-fuel stoves from Westfire are a brilliant range of high quality stoves at great prices. With all the premium features we have come to expect from Westfire including triple air supplies and a tough 5mm steel body and with closed combustion as standard you can be sure efficiency hasn’t been overlooked. 
    We also offer the full range of glass floor plate hearths from Westfire to compliment the stoves and enable installations on to finished floor surfaces such as solid wood or laminate for the stoves available for this type of installation. 

  • Mendip Stoves
    Mendip Stoves

    New Range of Steel stoves at competitive prices. Mendip Stoves is a brand new range of wood burning and multi fuel stoves, with a wide range covering traditional and contemporary styles you can be sure there is something to suit your room and with high quality guaranteed with every Mendip stove you can be sure its a good investment. 

    All the wood burning and multi fuel stoves in the Mendip Stoves range are made with high grade durable 5mm steel bodies, cast iron grates and fully insulated combustion chambers for high efficiency wood burning and multi fuel. 
    The original Mendip 5 and 8 are also available in a stunning enamel colour range offering something different to any environment with an instant focal point of any room and the flue pipe is also available. 

  • Fireline Stoves
    Fireline Stoves

    New Range of multifuel stoves and insets. We have recently taken the Fireline range of stoves into the showroom. Competitively priced with plain simple workable stove units to suit every budget. A range of door finishes in the FX-5 range including the popular widescreen 5Kw version giving a large glass window for visually stunning fire with all the added benefits of a stove unit. 

    British designed and engineered stoves using Fireline’s integral patented TTi airwash system which is a self regulating system that provides a clean burn with reduced CO emission resulting in a very high efficiency and expectionally clean glass. 

Available Brands

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